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Vanport is a locally owned and operated trucking company in Washington State. We are the best choice among interstate and flatbed trucking companies.

Finding a Good Truck Driving School

By Kris Koonar -- Some companies want you to go through their own training program to provide you with the CDL and employment. It would be wise to know this beforehand, rather than paying twice for your training. Usually, the training provided by these companies is of high standards, as they do not want amateurs to drive their trucks. With these few useful tips you are sure to find a good truck driving school, which will teach you to... more

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Trucking and Travel Resources

By Suzanne At Coops -- The larger your vehicle, the more likely it is that you may want to switch to a trucker antenna for satellite radio. These are larger and mount more like a c.b. antenna. They will have a stronger signal in situations where the mouse antenna might loose the signal. Some trucking companies provide satellite radio systems and/or service for their drivers, but for those who have to pay for their own, it's worth the expense... more

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