Trucking Companies

Many trucking companies need to understand that there are many factors in keeping their company from going down. Trucking companies need to look at keeping their trucks tune, paying drivers on time, and getting payments on time from clients so that their business can continue.

Trucking Companies Can Survive With Freight Bill Factoring

By Kris Koonar -- Freight factoring rates vary and individual companies charge anywhere from 1.5% to 3.5% for 30 days. The charges depend on the volume and duration of transactions. Trucking companies with a history of 60 days transactions are charged a higher fee than companies working within 30 day duration. The credibility and the client profile of the trucking company are also determining factors. Trucking companies which have clients that are bad paymasters are generally refused freight bill... more

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Tips For Selecting The Right Trucking Company

By John Morris -- If you want an ironclad assurance that products or parcels will be delivered on time, some trucking companies can offer you such a deal, but at an extra cost. And if fortuitous circumstances cause even a second in delay of deliveries, freight costs are usually completely cancelled. Even if you have no need to avail of this option now, its still better to ask the trucking company representative about such services just in case you... more