Truck Parts & Repair

Trucks break down over time because it's too old or not tune properly, so it is good to get it repaired. You can't just take it to any repair company to get it fix. There are some repair company that are specialized in semi-trucks repairs and has the necessary parts and professional personnel to correctly repair the trucks.

Trucking- Good Shop, Bad Shop

By Suzanne At Coops -- But if you need repairs, pulling into the shop at a truck stop can be a little stressful. You're hoping to find a good mechanic, but your choices are limited. You're not from the area so you don't know any independent shops. You pull up to the shop entrance and as you're walking in to the service counter, you hear one of the mechanics telling the other one how he had to prime that last... more

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Freight Factoring For Trucking Companies

By Kris Koonar -- Most trucking companies have to pay in cash for their day-to-day expenses such as fuel bills and also have unexpected expenses such as truck repair bills and fixed expenses such as salaries, regular servicing and tire bills. Since they get their payments from their customers after 30 to 60 days, freight factoring is a good way for them to increase their cash flow and also to expand the business. If you own a small to... more