Truck Insurance

To protect truck drivers on the road it is necessary to have truck insurance to protect against road accidents. There are many factors in determining truck insurance premiums from age of driver, number of accidents, and location.

How to Get Cheap Truck Insurance

By ryan@thesatellitetvguide.com -- The good news is that you can find cheap truck insurance. It helps if you buy the right truck: one that has a good safety record and isn't a prime target of thieves. This information is available online or you can check with your insurance professional. You can also save on truck insurance by comparison shopping among insurance companies. Truck insurance quotes vary widely from one insurance company to another, but you can easily get... more

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Importance of Commercial Trucking Insurance

By Chad Enochs -- The number of years of the life of the trucks used is the most determining factor in the insurance of the commercial trucks. The most deciding factor in the commercial trucking insurance is the prevailing trucking insurance. As the insurance companies the older trucks are much better than the new ones. Some of the internal factors such as truck tires, its engine condition, and its breaks play a major part in the functioning of the... more