Transportation Broker

Our professional transportation brokers are well specialized to coordinate all types of transportation services and finding the right one for our customers.

Risk-free Car Shipping With Your Car Transport Company

By Susan Jan -- You also need to decide whether to go with a car transport company or with a car transport broker. A car transport broker typically does not have his own trailer while an auto transport company does. The broker has to make arrangements with the bigger car transport services to transport your car on their trucks. Brokers typically ask for an initial deposit, while the rest of the car transport payment is made, upon safe delivery... more

Guide to Choosing an Auto Transport Carrier and Moving your Vehicle Nationwide

By Jay Sweeney -- Brokers specialize in finding carriers who can move a vehicle for the price you want and when you want it. Brokers deal with a number of carriers and therefore have more options for faster delivery at their disposal. Also, auto transport brokers offer pricing that is equal to or better than you might find on your own dealing directly with auto shipping carriers because they can find those empty spots. Check the insurance of your... more