Freight Brokers

Becoming a freight broker does not come easy. If you are looking to become a freight broker going to a freight broker training institutes is the best and the fastest way to learn everything that you need in this industry.

Freight Brokers and Agents

By Groshan Fabiola -- The freight agent will work under the authority of his or her freight broker and is not responsible for invoicing or paying the carrier companies. And just like with most other things in this world, there are pros and cons to each of these options. A fully self-employed freight broker is required to get their broker authority but they retain a hundred percent of the profit on each load. The freight broker is also totally... more

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Freight Brokers- Factoring Your Freight Bills Will Help Your Cash Flow

By Kris Koonar -- In such a situation the best thing is to do is to avail freight broker factoring services for your financing your freight bills. This is one way in which you can get immediate funds to take care of business expenses and above all, for making payments to your drivers. It is also much easier to obtain funds through factoring your bills than when you try to arrange finance from other sources. When you are a... more