Freight Shipping

Here at Vanport Trucking we are committed to meeting and exceeding all of our customer's needs and expectations, while providing a large variety of freight shipping services. We have all kinds of trucks available to meet with all kinds of freight shipping from cars, equipments, products, and parts.

Freight Shipping by Air

By Groshan Fabiola -- If you use air freight shipping you can distribute your product all over the world. Because shipping planes are used only for this reason, they offer you a lot of room for your freight and you won't have any problems in sending a large item. Air freight shipping is the only way to send items of certain sizes that can't fit in a normal truck. This means that some people use this shipping option often... more

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The Freight Industry

By Ioan Margineanu -- A freight company has the job to arrange all the details of a cargo transport between shipper and carrier. The company acts as an intermediary and takes off some problems that both parties would have if they worked alone. If you want to ship an item, you will have a hard time finding a good carrier and carriers also have difficulties in finding clients. However, because a good freight company always has a data list,... more